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A Step-by-Step Guide On (Not) Having Our Home Built by Pinnacle Homes

Guys!  We are super excited to reveal the progress on a home we’ve been building in Jacksonville, FL.  It’s taken north of 14 months to get where we are.  But trust me, when you see it you will be AMAZED. 

Ready for the big reveal?  Close your eyes.  Wait for it…

Look at this #PinnacleHomes beauty!

You’d think Joanna Gaines designed it herself. Nope. This castle is the miracle work of Pinnacle Homes of St. Augustine, FL – our builder. I want to ensure they get *maximum* credit for their work. Pinnacle Homes. Pinnacle Homes. Pinnacle Homes.

Here’s a step-by-step on how we got here:

Step 1: Sign a contract

This company has a smooth marketing operation. Frankly, their marketing guy should run for Congress (or maybe he should just run the company…). He told us the house would be built in 11 months and I’d be communicating directly with the owner throughout the process. They were gonna charge us more than other builders, but it was a *fixed price* contract. The reviews were good. It all looked legit.

We signed a contract with Pinnacle Homes in April of 2021.  Sigh.  I miss our courtship days with Pinnacle Homes.  We were so special back then. 

I miss being important to Pinnacle Homes

Step 2: Permits

The permits were supposed to be finished in August of 2021.  But alas, the plans didn’t get to the county until November.  That’s not bad tho, right?  I mean, it only took half a year for the company to get a pre-designed house plan to the county for permitting. 

Unfortunately, Duval County rejected the plans three times.  Of course, none of this was Pinnacle Homes’ fault.  According to Tim Quinn, the President and Owner of Pinnacle Homes, it was because the county officials were busy sitting at home doing…well… 


So to recap: the President of Pinnacle Homes claims there was no progress on our house over the winter because the County architects were busy sitting at home.  Masturbating.  Every day. 

Anyway.  Fast forward like four more months.  Remember in Rudy when, after all that adversity, he finally gets on the football field?  That’s what it felt like when our permits were approved.  I was ready to pick the entire Pinnacle Homes team up on my shoulders and carry them to my property.  But I didn’t because that would have been weird. 

Step 3: Clear the lot

Fast forward to the spring, when we started cutting things down.  But alas, Pinnacle needed an additional $12,500 from us – in cash.   Why?  Because costs had gone up over the past year (while the county was, you know, sitting at home doing what they do). 

It took several months to finally get this lot cleared.  What happened to the trees we paid thousands extra to remove?  Well, some got pushed into the woods.  Too easy. 

Problem solved.

But did they at least dig up the stumps?      

I mean you can barely even tell it’s there

Step 4: pour the foundation

Now for the exciting part.  Workers.  Shovels.  Wood.  Actual building happening. 

It’s an actual person working on our property!

But on the *very first* day, we ran into an issue.  We suddenly need a stem wall.  The owner of Pinnacle Homes sent me all the details in a text message screen shot with some guy named “Guilermo”…

So I now owed Pinnacle Homes an additional $32k.  Cash.  Because “the left side of the house is gonna take more material and labor.” 

I had questions.  In response, Pinnacle Homes shut me the heck up:  

Well ok then

Equipped with this brilliant explanation, I paid the thirty two grand.  I’m now out over $44,000 in unanticipated costs.    

With the ransom stem wall paid last week, yesterday we were supposed to be back on track.  Note: we couldn’t get on track last week because the concrete guy was “out of town.”  So why didn’t we get rolling yesterday?  Get ready to channel your inner Michael Scott…

To recap:

“I’m sorry.”  It’s ok.

“It’s summer.”  Yes. 

“School is out.”  Yes. 

“My son is sick.”  Ugggh. 

So anyway, that explains yesterday. 

Today?  Nothing.  We’re being completely ghosted.  I’m sure there’s a reason.  Perhaps the owner’s dog ate his phone.  Or he tripped on his Roomba on the way out the door and couldn’t work on our house.  Who knows!  

Here’s some unsolicited marriage advice: if you’re having communication issues with your spouse, find yourself a builder that plays hard to get. Like Pinnacle Homes.  That way you both can spend countless hours talking together about what could possibly be holding up the project.    

So that’s where we’re at.  When will the house be finished?  Not sure.  Will we have a house next winter?  Not sure.  Will we be homeless?  Not sure!  And that, folks, is the exciting part.   

Thanks to Pinnacle Homes I have no money, no house, and no regrets.  

If you’re interesting in living out a multi-year mental breakdown at all times, I highly recommend going with the best company ever: Pinnacle Homes. 

Update: I wrote this three weeks ago. The stem wall? It’s not up. The porta potty is still there tho. The neighbors are loving it.

It’s fine. With Pinnacle Homes, everything is fine.

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15 thoughts on “A Step-by-Step Guide On (Not) Having Our Home Built by Pinnacle Homes

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Any updates…thank you for posting….I no longer will consider PH for my new build.


  2. Recently, we’ve seen progress. They poured the foundation and framed the house out. Still a very long way to go. But some signs of hope.


  3. Anonymous on said:

    Unfortunately one of the reviews you read was a sponsored review from their “marketing operation” my customers also have been dealing with this same thing it’s been a complete nightmare going in three years now. We have since had them remove the review to help prevent anyone else from falling victim. Good luck

    Liked by 1 person

  4. anonymous on said:

    misery has company i see. some hope yes but painful. left my email for you would like to connect.


  5. Cody McLeod on said:

    Signed contact March 2021 and was finally in December 2022… I feel for all of you. Please contact me if I can be of help.


  6. Curious Chad on said:

    Looks like Pinnacle Homes site has vanished, are they no longer a company? How is your home build progressing?


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